About Us

The Florida College System Activities Association, Incorporated (FCSAA) is a statewide non‑profit corporation regulating, coordinating, and promoting intercollegiate activities in:  Athletics, Brain Bowl, Forensics, Music, Student Government, Student Publications, and Theatre.

Membership in the Florida College System Activities Association is open to any of the 28 colleges in the Florida College System.  Each member institution is represented in the policy‑making deliberations of the Association through that institution's President or other designated representative.  The institutional representatives constitute the FCSAA Presidents Assembly, the ultimate authority in FCSAA matters.

The Council of Student Affairs, a group of student affairs officials from each of the state's twenty-eight  colleges, hears appeals from any division or member college on decisions from the FCSAA Executive Committee.

The FCSAA Executive Committee, the chief administrative body, is charged with the responsibility for overseeing the day‑to‑day operation of the Association.  The Executive Committee, with the FCSAA President as presiding officer, is empowered by the Presidents Assembly to initiate the policies and implement the practices necessary for the operation of the Association.  The Executive Committee is comprised of the following individuals:  President, President-elect, individuals representing the various activities (brain bowl, forensics, music, theatre, student government, student publications, men's athletics and women's athletics), President of the Florida College System Student Government Association (FCSSGA), Athletic Commissioners for Men and Women, Representative of the office of the Chancellor of Community Colleges, Representatives from: Council of Student Affairs, Council of Athletic Affairs, Council of Instructional Affairs, Council of  Business Affairs, Council of  Presidents and up to five (5) Members At-Large and two (2) student Members At-Large reflecting the FCSAA commitment to equity and diversity and the Executive Director.  The Executive Director is a full-time employee of the Association located in Tallahassee.  Other than the President of FCSSGA and the student at-large members, who are students and the representative from the Chancellors office, the Executive Committee are employees of various colleges within the Florida College System.

Annual membership dues finance the Association; each institution's share being determined by a funding formula.  Monies thus generated provide an annual operating budget and are used to finance such items as approved statewide tournaments, conventions, meetings, and activities; Association travel; office expenses; and the salary of the Executive Director.